Video Freeze Systems Paper Published by Anagnostaras Lab at UCSD

An important methods paper has been published on our VideoFreeze Systems by members of the Anagnostaras Lab at University of California San Diego, Catamount Research and Development, and Med Associates in “Frontiers In Behavioral Neuroscience”.

Automated assessment of Pavlovian conditioned freezing and shock reactivity in mice using the VideoFreeze System

Stephan G. Anagnostaras 1, 2*, Suzanne C. Wood 1, Tristan Shuman1, Denise J. Cai 1, Arthur D. Leduc 3, Karl R. Zurn 3, J. Brooks Zurn3, 4, Jennifer R. Sage 1 and Gerald M. Herrera 3

  1. Department of Psychology, University of California, San Diego

  2. Neurosciences Program, University of California, San Diego

  3. Med-Associates Inc. and Catamount Research and Development Inc.

  4. School of Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University

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