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We concentrate on offering physiological electrodes at a very good value price. Some of our offerings are pictured above, and can be purchased by clicking on the SHOP tab.

Florida Research Instruments is supporting Biomedical Engineering education. We are teaching a senior level Biomedical System Design course at Villanova University. Our lectures and labs are available in the box at the right or by selecting the Biomedical tab in the menu above.


Dry and Wet Electrodes TDE-200 and TDE-201 use a special wider lead connector (TDE-207). This is needed because there is a hole in the top of the electrode, for injecting gel if needed. Snap leads will not mate with TDE-200 and TDE-201 electrodes.


Staff has presented a paper titled “Teaching Biomedical Design Through a University-Industry Partnership” at the 38th Annual International Conf. of IEEE EMBS August 18, 2016. Click here for paper. Click here for the talk slides.

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